Saturday, August 28, 2010

An All Time Favorite Book

This is one of my favorite books of all time that I have in my collection. It is from 1981 and I still adore the beautiful string piecing and embellishment done on the clothing .
As you can see, Jean Wells is the author - she is the one who has a shop in Sisters, Oregon, where the big outdoor quilt show is held every year. I have never been to one but know that it would be such a fun thing to do. The illustrations by Marina Wood are glorious! Those are great enough to buy the book for!

I had almost forgotten about this book until I started looking at references for crazy quilting and there it was tucked in with those.

Aren't these just as sweet as can be?

More cute illustrations.

The little girl in the picture is Valori Wells, Jean's daughter, who is well known in the quilting world today, also.

Another UFO that belongs to me!! I did this in the early 80's and never finished it. It is almost finished! Needed the lace (which is hanging there), embellishment, hemming and a closure for the yoke. The fabric is the wonderful velour we could get back then that washed like a dream. I loved that stuff.

The back of the yoke. Cannot imagine why I never finished it - but it is still in pristine condition. Maybe I will - or maybe Sher or one of the girls will. What have you got tucked away? (Click to enlarge)


leslie said...

what a darling dress. I hope someone finishes it.

Anonymous said...

As I follow your blog I see we like alot of the same things. I have and love this book too. Made my daughter clothes with the ideas
in the book many many years ago.

Karen said...

Carol, the dress is beautiful!!

Pokey said...

You know we all have those UFO's that go unfinished for a time. Sometimes we benefit just from the experience of the work. And you're right, it will ring somebody's bell to finish it, or use it to make something totally different. Have you ever noticed that happen? We do that in our class and the results are interesting. Thank you again for the thought provoking post!