Monday, August 2, 2010

Bonus Flowers

This beautiful bloom is on a plant that sprouted from a seed right in the corner of the patio against the house. Whether it was last year or the year before that I had this plant I can't remember for sure. It was in one of my containers and evidently dropped one of it's seeds and the seed decided to grow this year. The plant is prettier than the one that was in the container. I thought it was a weed at first but just let it grow and am so glad I did. Don't know the name of it but it is a big blossom and the leaves are soft and fuzzy.

Here you can see where it is rooted - right against the cement. There a lot of buds for flowers to come. In the second picture, the mandevilla blooms right next to the newcomer.

Here is a picture of how my mandevilla is doing now. Tons of buds on it and it is growing so tall.

Another "free" flower. Portulaca from a hanging basket dropped a seed into a crack on the patio (or the rain washed it there) and now there is a pretty little plant growing from the crack. I am sure if you would try to get one to grow there on purpose, it would never happen. I don't have the heart to pull it! (Click to enlarge)


Norah said...

Portulaca -- my favorite!! Oh how I miss my yard. My shady pots are doing pretty well, though -- I will have to take some pics!!


Karen said...

I love when that happens, bonus flowers for sure!

Leslie said...

how cool bonus flowers! We got home late last night and my plants need some dead heading. They are blooming like crazy and finally my mandivilla is bursting with bright pink colored flowers. I think that it could be my favorite flower of the summer. My daisy's are all burned up and ready to be cut back. I think that summer is going too fast, don't you. P.S. I loved your embrodery pieces from the past, I worked in the car on a light purple wine collection of prints for a cute vineyard lap quilt. Almost finished with it, just one more 8X8 block to work.

Sue said...

What a pretty flower. Don't know what that is either.

So that stuff growing out of your sidewalk crack is Portulaca? Here I thought it was just a weed and I've been pulling it up all this time. We have it sprouting up all over the place:/

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Those are called Moon Flowers we have them in our back yard!!! They smell devine!! They will leave a prickly pod this late fall after a frost and if you leave it to dry in a cool place you will be able to plant the seeds next spring. They come in a variety of colors like blue, pink and I think yellow. I beleive they are from California. Anyway if you didn't plant this one it must like you and wanted to return to visit you!!! Carolyn