Friday, August 6, 2010

Fashion Friday and Happy Birthday, Norah Lee

On this Friday morning in August, our model is a smiling, dark eyed little cutie pie - my favorite oldest granddaughter, Norah. Norah is dressed in a darling green terrycloth sunsuit which is accented by a wonderful shell necklace, a pearl bracelet and lovely earrings. Her accessories came from the old candy tin full of wonderful jewelry kept at grandma and grandpa's house just for little granddaughters to enjoy. You can also see the game of Ad Lib that we played many, many times.

And, in addition to Fashion Friday, this post brings lots of love to Norah on her birthday on the 11th which will be celebrated by the whole family while we are in Portland for Molly and Doug's wedding. Happy Birthday, Norah! (Click to enlarge)


Sue said...

She is just the loveliest fashion model!! I love her swimsuit and her accessories that go with it!

Love her brown eyes and great big smile:) What a blessing!

Enjoy your trip out west.

Chartreuse Moose said...

What a darling! Accessories do make the outfit! Wedding too, and a trip west! Lots of fun! Don't miss any quilt shops...happy trails...or skies! ;-)

Lee Prairie Designs said...

She is a sweetie! Beautiful big brown eyes! Have a great time on your trip. Carolyn