Sunday, August 22, 2010

From Julie's Blog

My friend, Julie,, has taken classes from and is making a "gluebook" entirely from paper. It looks like so much fun and she is doing a great job in putting her book together. She asked me earlier if she could use a picture of Ray and me in our square dancing outfits that I had posted on one of my blogs. Here is the page that she did - you might want to check out her blog and also the blog that is having the class and look at all the cool things. She and I will be continuing to do a monthly exchange and it will be vintage tags to be put on a ring for a book. Julie has already done one and has it posted - it is gorgeous. I have my work cut out for me - think this will be lots of fun.


Pokey said...

Aw, how sweet the photo is! Larry's folks met square dancing, Papa was the "caller". How nice we share this memory!

Sue said...

What a great photo of you two! That's a neat idea too. Thanks for letting us know :)

Jewels said...

Heh Carol - it did turn out pretty cool didn't it! I'm flattered your sharing it. Thanks! And I love Mary's two classes I am taking - really learning a lot of new, cool stuff. J