Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just Got Our Power Back

I am so happy to have the ac running again - the power has been off for probably 8 hours or more and just came back on a little while ago. The house stayed pretty cool and while it was light it's not so bad. However, when darkness falls - there is absolutely nothing you can do. I had to run to Walgreen's and get some batteries for a flashlight - the pretty smelling candles were just too much.

I found a couple of questions from two of the nice gals that read my blog and I want to answer them. First of all - my sewing machine. It is a 22 year old Bernina and we are probably joined at the hip. This has been a wonderful machine and has served me well. I would never ever get rid of it even if I would buy a new machine and I am not planning on doing that. It is so controllable and has a pretty stitch. I am finally getting a little better at machine quilting, but really do pretty simple patterns. As for the thread, I have been using Sulky to quilt with and also for my machine buttonhole applique. Started using that maybe a year or so ago and just love it. I use other thread in the bobbin - sometimes Sulky bobbin thread. I am going to try some of the lighterweight thread. I only quilt the smaller quilts, but if I should make a large one I would have someone quilt it. I am not ready for wrestling a large quilt under the needle.

Sooooooo glad the power is back on!!!!!!!


Barb said...

Glad your power is back your machine...those old ones are the best!

Pokey said...

I know! the power goes off, and you cannot think of anything but sewing on the machine! And, a grand machine it is, Carol. Mine is a 1230, I call it a tank! It can sew anything (and has) that I put under it's foot.

Allie said...

SOOO glad your power is back - it is way too hot to do without! Ours went off for a couple of minutes last night, we heard the transformer blow, but it came back fairly quick. I was about to have a tantrum but it wasn't necessary. Stay cool!
BTW - I'm in MI too!

Sue said...

So glad your power is back on and thank you for answering those questions. I have a Bernina also and love and would never part with it. It is very hard to wrestle large quilts in it though. The biggest I've done is a queen and it was a fighting match.
Just purchased the new Janome 7700 with the 11" throat space for those larger quilts. It was cheaper than a longarm but with that sized throat (harp) space I can still get a bigger quilt in it. My Bernina will always be what I use for my piecing and sewing :)
I'm still very passionate about hand quilting though and prefer that on some of my quilts.

Your quilting is quite lovely with your Bernina!!

Leslie said...

Sorry to hear that your power was off. It really is funny how we complain about our modern way of living being so complex -- however as soon as one of our conviences should shut off---man oh man are we lost.