Thursday, August 19, 2010

Two More Pictures of the Wedding

Facebook is so cool - if you really know how to use it and I don't! I have found some absolutely great pictures posted there by friends of Molly and Doug that I did not have on my camera. This lovely black and white shot of the newlyweds dancing is taken by the same fellow who took the picture of them by the fountain in the previous post. I did take the one of the three girls.
I was lamenting the fact that I did not have one of our entire family on my Sony and, lo and behold, here is one taken by a girlfriend of Molly's and it is good of all. Norah and Chad, my daughter, Sherry, daughter-in-law Ann and my son Bill, Molly in front, Doug, Hannah, Barclay, my son-in-law and the old hag. Fine picture of us. And just a little item of interest or maybe not - I had my first pedicure with all the rest of the girls and it was pretty darned nice! Only took almost 82 years old to get one!
I am getting back on track now after sleeping late a couple of mornings and having a really long nap yesterday afternoon. Actually am getting the little teacup wallhanging ready to quilt so will be back in quilting mode again. Not sure whether these will enlarge but you can give it a try.


leslie said...

Those are very nice photos. I am amazed all of the time as to how easy it is for young ones to access info so readily and fast with computers. Rest up I feel a quilt outing and lunch is due, very soon! Elle and I are in Detroit for her new skating partner tryout until Saturday.

Sue said...

Awww. It looks like a lovely time and what a lovely couple!

Facebook is nice, but it's getting so huge I wouldn't recommend signing up. It gets overwhelming after a while. I am thinking about closing my account with them.

Have a blessed day!

joanne lendaro said...

I don't see an Oldhag in there, all's I see is a lovely family celebrating a very happy day! You are only allowed to be "oldhag" while blogging lady! lol!! (teasing you!!)

LOVE the black and white photo! who knew what was old would be new again?

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Beautiful pictures Carol---thank you for sharing. Carolyn