Friday, September 3, 2010

Fashion Friday

I forgot to do a fashion post last week - it is becoming harder to find pictures that I haven't already posted. Will have to start going through some of my family's older albums and see what I can come up with or maybe designate something special for a different day of the week. However, today, I have spotted this one of my grandmother, Maggie, and my Aunt Leah on a trip they took out west to see Nelle which was probably in the 40's. Maggie is wearing a pretty print dress that has large white buttons on the bodice. I am certain I can see her cameo which she wore almost all of the time) pinned at the vee of her collar. Aunt Leah is wearing a dress that I am sure is very colorful and pretty. It is gathered at the bustline and looks great on her. Her hat - I think that is one of those Tyrolean mountain hats - with a feather on it. I just can't see her seriously buying that hat except as a souvenier. Leah had a great sense of humor and would happily wear something like that as a joke. Regardless, she looks cute!

(Click to enlarge)


Beth Niquette said...

I think that hat is darling! What a wonderful photo! Thank you so much for sharing this!

Nan said...

Now Maggie's dress with the white buttons is so much like my Mom's dresses. She was born in 1890 and always wore a dress with hose and funky looking shoes, oh I hated those shoes she wore. Also my Mom had a cameo pinned to her dresses too and I have that today. Should do a post on that cameo sometime.