Friday, September 17, 2010

Fashion Friday

It's high time I featured this cute little girl on Fashion Friday! This is my second daughter, Ann, who is married to Bill and has been for coming up on 30 years next Valentine's Day. This is the only picture that I have of her during her childhood, but plan to remedy that with a call to her mom, Ruby. Ann is the second of four cute girls and I am sure their household was a ton of fun over the years. When I think four girls, I think Little Women, but since you would not know that in the beginning, you probably would not start naming them Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. I read that book so many times when I was young! So the Little Women at Ann's home in Chillicothe, Mo, were Jane, Ann, Martha and Marilyn. Back to Fashion Friday, Ann Elaine is wearing a pretty cotton dress with buttons on the bodice and a little white collar. It appears that there is a plaid scarf over her shoulder. Ann's glasses are very stylish and her hair is done with a cute little flip and flirty bangs. (I am wondering if Ruby cut the girls' bangs like I did Sherry's - poor Sherry!) I don't know whether I have ever mentioned on my blog that Ann's parents, Bob and Ruby, and Ray and I share the same wedding anniversary which was the 4th of this month. We were all married in 1949 - Ray and I in Illinois and Bob and Ruby in Missouri, but Ray and I were married four hours before they were that Sunday. And they lived all those years in Chillicothe, Mo, while our hometown was Chillicothe, Ill. How's that for a coincidence? (Click to enlarge)


Leslie said...

What a very nice feature this week. I enjoyed your story.

Amy said...

Super cute! I love it :)