Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hannah Will Be Leaving for Africa Soon

Ready or not, the time for Hannah to leave for her 27 month stint in the Peace Corps is almost here. This extraordinary young woman will be going to Mozambique in Africa very, very early in the morning a week from tomorrow. What a mix of emotions fill the minds of all of us who love her so much - happy that she will be going on such an awesome adventure that she has talked of and worked for for such a long time - and a sadness thinking that she will be gone for so very long and be so far, far away. Even though time seems to fly by so quickly, right now 27 months seems like an eternity. Each and every one of her family is behind her and supporting her and loving her with all that is in them. She's such a little thing - small, but mighty.

She needed some skirts - and I am making her skirts. Three of them - two in batiks. The pattern is in the picture above along with two of the skirts. There is a definite dress code there - no shorts or spaghetti straps. She will be teaching science - in Portuguese - which she has been working on. There will be ten weeks of schooling for her after they get to Africa and she will actually start teaching around December. Already, Hannah has set up a blog and I will have a link here on mine - you might enjoy reading it. She hasn't started posting yet, but I think she will this week. That is one thing about this day and age - the communication is wonderful, albeit the actual mail is slow!
Today was an open house held at Sherry and Barc's good friends home. It was a pretty day and many of Hannah's friends came to wish her Adeus and good wishes. She has been very active in church and everyone loves her. You just can't help doing that. Norah and Chad will come next weekend before Hannah leaves. Molly is coming the following weekend to go to a wedding of a very good girlfriend of hers since way back in grade school. It will be so good for Sherry and Barc (and me, too) to have her here at that time . There will be some "teary" days for a spell. May God keep a special eye on our Hannah as she embarks on this new adventure.
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Leslie said...

I think that in life we get what god thinks we can handle and at times some doesn't seem fair and some even unwanted. When you see someone who is excited to take a challenge on that is different, with such open eyes and willingness it is true, Carol, it is hard to be sad for them. So, be happy and enjoy her adventures as she sends them on the computer to all of you!

Janet said...

Hannah must be a very special girl. I will keep her in my prayers and look forward to reading her blog. You must be so proud of her. I can totally understand your feelings--the good and the nervous. It's so nice that you made her the lovely skirts. It is true with the internet and blogging you will be able to keep in touch. Hugs for you Carol. Take care.

Norah said...

Oh great, now I am tearing up at work. It's going to be a long week but we're so happy we can be home with her this weekend.

I think my tears are more related to how proud I am than about missing her, but that doesn't make it much easier.

Can't wait to see you!

Karen said...

All the best to Hannah! You even put a tear in my eye. :)