Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Wallhanging From 1988

I opened the chest in the bedroom that has some old wall hangings, some UFO's, and various other items. This wall hanging was done in 1988 according to the back of the piece. It's probably about 40" square and is machine satin stitched and hand quilted.

This is the center. Back then when I hand quilted, I usually quilted some motif in the open spaces of the blocks. However, I did no background filler as I have done in a lot of them. Mostly it was crosshatching that I used.

Two more of the blocks. Blue and pink showed up in most of my quilts way back in those days.
And the difference in the fabrics now and back then is unbelievable. I would not even think of putting an applique on a plain white or cream background anymore. They are so beautiful when they are on subtle prints or dark or bright fabric. The sky is the limit and you can have any look you wish. That is not to say that the old quilts are not beautiful! They are. Cannot imagine what it will be like in another 20 years!

The rest of the blocks. I notice that there was the neat old smell of old fabric that came forth when the old chest was opened. Not a musty smell, but just old. I also took some pictures of a really, really big old UFO that I will post one day soon. Don't know why I never finished that. And there is one more in there, too. Oh me, oh my! I tell myself it's okay since I have finished so many pieces - maybe some day someone will just love to find those old things! (Cannot figure out why my small pictures are not side by side in the blog - they are here where I am posting them!) (Click to enlarge)


FeatherDuster said...

You sure have finished a lot of quilts! (And other neat stuff) :)
I love the pink print you used in this.

Vicki ♥ said...

A really lovely discovery :) The blocks are fabulous Carol and I am looking forward to seeing you UFOs :)

Karen said...

So many beautiful quilts you have made Carol. I love the quilting on this one.