Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another of My Oldest Quilts

I actually posted a photo of this quilt as one of my very first posts which was back in 2008.  Good heavens, I have been running of the mouth for close to two and a half years.  I have found that blogging is as much fun as quilting - well, almost.  It makes me feel good that anyone would be interested in anything I have to say and it's great fun to "show and tell" which is what quilters love to do.  And only other people who share the same interest can know how wonderful it is to buy fabric, cut it up and sew it back together in the form of a beautiful piece that you are so proud of you just have to show it to another person who is similarly addicted to quilting. 

Another of my very early quilts - 1988 - Hitch Your Flowers to a Star is machine appliqued (satin stitched)and hand quilted.   The idea of a huge star came from a copy of the old Quilt magazine.  Blocks are large, being about 18 inches square and there is a wide sashing and border which are quilted with a wavy line of feathers.  This quilt, too, has a pillow tuck (a plain piece separates the body of the quilt with that part showing on the pillows.  There also is a block on that but it's under the pillows. 

The center and three of the big blocks.  In the center of the wreaths, I quilted motifs.  This quilt has been out for many years and the colors have held up very well except for a little fading of one of the greens.  Bits and pieces of the quilt show up in some of my blog pictures since I sometimes lay out things on that bed in order to take pictures. 

This is a wallhanging done more recently from a Piece 'o Cake pattern with some of the old fabrics leftover from the quilt.  It is also machine appliqued and some of my first machine quilting.  I have always loved the Piece'o Cake patterns.  (Click to enlarge)


Lori Holt said...

Absolutely gorgeous Carol. You are so Talented!

Quilting Queen said...

Gorgeous, so soft and feminine. I love pastels but just can't seem to get them together. Everytime I try I end up adding jewel tones. One day I will just depend on someone else to find me the fabrics and discipline myself to do a quilt without jewel tones. If I am lucky I will have a quilt as beautiful as this one. Well done, Carol

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Beautiful, what a treasure.

Carolyn :)

Miri said...

Beautiful! Wonderful quilting! It looks so perfect on the bed.

I remember when I used to add a pillow tuck-now I don't bother because the pillows go on top. Makes me wonder what will happen when the style changes again.

Karen said...

A very beautiful bedroom Carol!