Friday, October 1, 2010

Fashion Friday

Sometime in the late 50's, our family and another young family  took the train to Chicago from Ft. Madison for a trip to one or more of the museums.  It has been so very long ago, I cannot remember for sure if we went to the Museum of Science and Industry or Field's Museum.  Anytime we took the train, we used our passes and it was no cost to us which was a nice little perk that came with Ray's being a railroader.  Regardless, it was a very nice time and we all enjoyed it.  For our little outing, Bill was wearing shorts, a teeshirt and nice sweater with an argyle plaid.  Ray wore dark trousers, a plaid shirt and lightweight jacket.   Sherry and I were attired in  dresses topped with a sweater.  That was before the days when everyone was wearing jeans everywhere.  People still dressed up a little bit when they were traveling.  Goodness, those were good days!  Nice thinking about them again.  (Click to enlarge)


Sherry said...

Great trip! It was the Museum of Science and Industry. There was a cool elaborate dollhouse and a submarine you could walk through. I hope to revisit that museum when spending time with Norah and Chad in Chicago one of these days. Love you, Mom!

Norah said...

The only remaining building from the World's Fair, too! Looking forward to revisiting myself -- I am pretty sure I went on a field trip in elementary school. Love you both!