Friday, October 22, 2010

Fashion Friday

Mark and Bill - two little guys who were buddies and neighbors for over five years when we lived in Iowa.  Mark was just about one year older but the two of them were so much alike--they were so very cute and impish - lots and lots of fun.  Here they are so dressed up probably on a Sunday morning.  What good looking young fellows they are in the dashing red blazers.  Mark wears white shorts and white anklets with his coat.  Bill is looking so good in his long gray trousers and brown shoes.   They both have neat  crew cuts and complete the great look with beaming smiles!  I love this picture!!  (Click to enlarge)

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Chartreuse Moose said...

Striking young gents! Ah, wasn't that a wonderful time...little boys looked...ah, like little boys! ;-)