Sunday, October 31, 2010

Great Treats This Halloween

Here she is in Africa!   I consider this a wonderful "treat" to find pictures and a new post (and e-mail) on this Halloween day.  If you are reading Hannah's blog, there is a new post this morning.  You will enjoy it. 

Then in my spam folder, I found an e-mail from Janet telling me I had won a stack of Moda Blush fat quarters!  Now that also is a wonderful "treat" to look forward to receiving.  Janet has such a great blog - she lives on a ranch in South Dakota and works along with her husband helping to get the many things done that come with the territory.   A lovely lady, it's a joy to read her posts.  And as flat as South Dakota is, she has some gorgeous pictures of the everchanging skies.  Thank you, Janet, for the very generous gift - I look forward to it.  (Click on Hannah to enlarge)


Leslie said...

Happy Trick or Treating to you also!! I hope that I get lots of kids this evening I am ready for them. It doesn't seem like we get as many as years back any more. I will be ready for them though. I will ready Hannah's newest letter, I give her alot of credit.

Jewels said...

Oh Carol- how funny - why am I not surprised you won (LOL). Lovely pics and blog from Hannah. See you soon! (is the computer "fixed")...J

Karen said...

Excellent win Carol!!!