Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Green Ladies

I have been working on getting these ladies together this weekend. I am not as enthused with this as I was when I started working on it, but that does happen once in a while. Without the dark green, it was very bland and with the little touches of green it peps it up a bit. However, when it's sewn together, pressed and quilted, I think it will look fine.

 I am having problems with my computer - it is taking forever to move around, so I am ready to shut it down and then tomorrow call the cable company and see why it's so very slow.  It has been just skipping right along and now it's rather like molasses in January.  We do get spoiled! 
On another and much better note, I am so happy to read Hannah's blog and her e-mail and to find her so positive about her stay in Africa.  The family she is staying with while she trains sounds like a great second family.  If you have time and the inclination, click on her picture at the top of my sidebar and read about the beginning of her time in the Peace Corps.  I am so very proud of her.   There is also a link on her blog to pictures.  It's at the top of her sidebar. 
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Leslie said...

I did read Hannah's entry last night and she does sound very happy. Hungry but happy!!!!lol Boy she must be wanting some of her home cooked favorites in the worst way. Really the hungry is a great sign if she was not hungry that would mean she is sad, so I think she is much happier. I am glad for her, when she starts teaching she will be even happier.

I like the ladies, and the fabrics that you have chosen to surround them with.

Karen said...

I love the ladies Carol! The little touch of dark green is perfect!