Monday, October 11, 2010

I Love Autumn

Beautiful mum and some pumpkins on my front stoop
It's a beautiful day! I have always loved the fall of the year and wish October would stick around for two or three months. However, that just doesn't happen but we can certainly enjoy it while it's here. Last week I emptied some more of my containers of flowers even though they were still doing quite well. Anymore, it's easier for me to do it a little at a time than all in one fell swoop. All of the plants are put into trash bags and I haul them to the woods at the end of the street, empty the bags, and let them await the rain and snow and be turned into compost on the floor of the woods. How handy is that? Took some of the seed from the volunteer moonflower plant that was so gorgeous. I think Andy, my neighbor, might like to have some of it. I think there is enough on the ground to maybe have one or two come up in my garden next year.

There is one small plant that was near the base of the large one and it is blooming it's little heart out.

The patio and little garden look bare now except for lots and lots of leaves and the two containers of flowers left. There is the little moonflower at the edge of the cement. Happy Autumn! (Click to enlarge)


Chartreuse Moose said...

I love autumn too! Moon flowers too...lovely fragrance...wonderful! I'd settle for six months of autumn, such lovely colors this year!

Karen said...

Happy Autumn Carol!

leslie said...

I love fall also. I just finished a HALLOWEEN quilt for Arielle last night and will bring it along to show at the meeting. Halloween is one of those holidays for me that I enjoy so much, it never mattered in the classroom how rich or poor your student was, just throw on a costume and everyone enjoyed the same reward. How neat is that!!!

Stray Stitches said...

I, too, wish October and November could stay around longer - perhaps replace summer - I could go with that - lol!