Saturday, October 9, 2010

Paper Piecing Class

Here is Linda, one of the ladies in our guild.  She is a master in the art of paper piecing and even designs her own patterns on EQ 7.  She taught a class this past Tuesday and this is the wall hanging that she taught us how to piece.  My Tuesday was a comedy of errors and I didn't get to the class until it was half through - along with one of the other quilters.  I was absolutely certain it was on Wednesday - wrong!!  However, I have done quite a bit of paper piecing but really picked up some great tips from Linda and did put in some pretty small pieces that I never thought I would ever do.

The pattern is in 16 segments and I have done three of them so far.  I was not happy with the little bit that I did get done Tuesday, so spent quite a bit of time working out the colors today.  Still not completely satisfied but don't want to buy any more fabric since I have so much in my stash.  It is looking pretty good, though, and still have some more to add that will be the star in the middle. 
So here it is - not very far along but I think it will be okay. 
On a different note, I was so happy to find an e-mail from Hannah and a new post this morning.  She has been on my mind and out of touch for about a week.  Sherry and Barclay actually talked to her today and were so thrilled  to hear her voice.  Isn't this technology something?  Wow!  If you are interested in reading her post, just click on her picture near the top of my sidebar and it will pop right up.  (Click to enlarge)


Karen said...

Linda's wall hanging is lovely and you are off to a great start! Too bad you missed half the class, I just hate when things like that happen.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Oh my, this is beautiful, it looks very challenging but I bet not for you!

Thanks for sharing and visit my blog---I always enjoy your sweet comments. Carolyn :)

Leslie said...

Your points are perfect. I think that it will turn out wonderfully. I will catch up on Hannah's adventures. She is quite a girl.

Stray Stitches said...

Your work is beautiful!

Jewels said...

Carol, I cannot BELIEVE you missed half of the class! What were you thinking (you'll have to fill me in LOL) Jewels