Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pretty, Pretty Fabric

 Here is a group of Christmas fabrics - I think they are really pretty.  Don't they look as if they are all from the same place?  I think they look just like a "line" from one of the fabric companies.

Actually, they are from two very different places.   In the following two pictures, they are separated to show where each group came from.

This group I bought today at Joann's - I first spotted the third from the top piece and thought it was so pretty.  As I was looking at the rest of the bolts I noticed some of the others that had the same colors and were coordinated.  Checking the ends of the bolts, they were all marked something like "Holiday Inspirations".  The polka dot is wonderful and so is the the one that looks like candy cane pieces.  A nice stripe would make a great binding, too.  When I got them home, I thought it was a shame there weren't more darker color prints.  Then I had a light bulb moment---

I thought of some Moda fabric I found on sale at Hancock's of Paducah's website.  I had ordered four or five one yard pieces and two charm packs with the intent of making some table runners for Christmas.  When I went down to the basement to get them, they blended right in with the pieces from Joann's.  You cannot tell them apart when it comes to the feel of the fabric and also the colors are right on.  Some of the charm pack pieces and also one of the yardages will be going in a BOM I have been saving each month called Snowbound which is by the same designer that did Tisket A Tasket.  It should be a cute piece, also.   Fun to find something unexpected - and it was on sale, too!  (Click to enlarge)


Joanne Lendaro said...

They do look like a complete line! You have a great eye for picking fabrics, but we knew that already!! I've been reading and checking on you, but not chatting as much as I should. Love seeing you!

Leslie said...

Oh Carol that is so funny, yesterday I went to see Eric at MSU and stopped at a quilt shop along the way and bought a yard of 2 of the same Christmas fabrics by Moda to make some very simple table runners for gifts. I would love the polka dot fabrics and will use my coupon from JoAnns to get some. Thanks for the great idea. lol

Karen said...

They do look perfect together!!