Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Clutter

Two more of Sven's brothers started - the eyes are just lying there and at least one still has the staple in it from being on the card. 
Trying to figure out some stockings - and I think I have  finally decided how to decorate them.  I love the fabric I bought at Joann's that has the "snow storm" on it.  Most likely I will do some snowmen and  ladies.  The bed in the room where I sew is a catchall for things that I am using.  How nice it would be to have some more space for spreading things out, but I have managed this far so will just forge ahead. 
A couple of table runners ready for quilting.  Hope to get them done tomorrow so I can take them to our sewing day and work on binding them.  (Click to enlarge)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Fashion Friday

This morning Fashion Friday features my son, daughter and me back in the mid to late 1960's when we lived in Topeka, Kansas.  Bill has finally grown taller than Sherry and is probably as tall as I am without my rather  high hair and probably heels.  Bill is clad in good looking trousers and jacket.  A wide belt with big buckle can be seen through his open jacket, and a white shirt and tie complete his look.   Carol wears a printed suit with a chiffon scarf tucked in at the neckline and big, white earrings.  (I look at these old pictures and wish I were in that shape again!)  Sherry looks sweet in her long sleeved dress with a high neckline and wide cuffs that have four or five buttons on each.  A pretty headband keeps her hair back.  We were most certainly on our way to church on a Sunday morning.  Where have the years gone?  (Click to enlarge)

Hoping you all had a very nice Thanksgiving.  Wanted to add to the post the fact that we talked to all three girls yesterday, Norah and Chad were on the way to KC, Molly and Doug in Portland and Hannah in Mozambique!  Last year we were all together in KC on the holiday so this year was very quiet but very nice nevertheless.  I was just so thrilled to hear how bubbly and enthusiastic Hannah is - she is so excited to get to her site.   Not a hint of discontent and so much anticipation of actually getting set up and settled in.  Music to the ears! 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

The wild turkeys are back running around our neighborhood!  There is a woods at the end of our street and lots more woods down the street across from Dow headquarters so many critters live in the area.  I counted eight turkeys strolling back to the woods the other day.  One of their favorite places is beneath bird feeders that the residents of our condo complex have in their yards.  It is hilarious when they attempt to fly - they can't go very high at all, barely able to make it over the carports.  Although this is not a great picture, I thought it was one that fits in with the holiday tomorrow.  I wish you a happy day with lots of good fun with your family and friends and lots of good food to eat.  Enjoy!  (Click to enlarge)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Working on Some Small Christmas Projects

We have a new quilt shop in town - Park Bench - and it carries really nice lines of fabric.  It's spanking new and the shelves are pretty well filled up now.  It's a treat for the eyes gazing at the beautiful bolts all lined up along the walls and on tables in the center.  Not a huge shop, but one you will want to keep coming back to for your fabric fix.  They had a little holiday open house this past weekend.  I don't usually buy kits - but one of the girls at the retreat had a cute one she got there.  I found this guy, Sven,  there and
this crooked tree.  They are only six inches wide and about 19 inches long so they are fun and didn't take much time to fuse and applique.  Each of them has some buttons to be added and there is a little embroidery to do on Sven's stocking cap.  Will finish putting them together and do a little quilting and who knows what I will do with them.  I am sure there are members in my family that would not mind having them. 
I found the pdf for this on the web and I am putting it together.  It needs some stars and a kitty in the windows and some snowflakes falling around the house.  Will also put a narrow sashing and a border around it and then quilt it.  I have the two table runners ready to quilt, also, and I know there are two couples that would like to have stockings.  I have figured out a pattern for the stockings and will start on those soon. 

And I had a lovely surprise today.  The phone rang - and I heard this young lady say, "Grandma, this is Hannah!"   How wonderful to hear her voice  -  she sounded just like she was calling from Washington Street!  The box I had mailed weeks ago and one her sister, Molly, had sent her, had finally arrived.   Sherry had e-mailed me a little earlier that they had arrived.  She could not talk long but it was amazing to be speaking with her from clear across the world.  She sounds happy and bubbly just like always.  We will talk on Thanksgiving, too.  What a bright, bright spot in the day!  (Click to enlarge)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Another Embroidered Wall Hanging

This will be a small wallhanging - these are small 4 inch blocks bordered in one inch sashings and I am using a beautiful Moda charm pack that I just love.  I am going to change out the cornerstones on this block and have them all scrappy.

 Here are some more of the blocks being embroidered.  I'm using a really dark brown-black that was always used for backstitching on crossstitch.  I could even remember the number of the DMC floss - 3371.  How's that for trivia?
A few more of the blocks done except for some running stitching around them.  There will be 11 blocks and the middle row will have a half block top and bottom on which I will find a little spray to embroider on that.  Maybe I will do my name and date - will have to see.  For some reason, I am excited about this one - probably because I love this fabric so much.  We'll see how it turns out.  (Click to enlarge)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fashion Friday

Today's model came into our lives in the 1970's.  Here is Barclay - would you have agreed to let this fellow marry your daughter?  You betcha!!!!  Barc is a great guy and a great second son.  Along with Ann, Bill's wife, we could not have asked for better additional "children" in our lives.  Barclay is wearing a very nice plaid shirt and what looks to be cords in a matching maroon color.  He has a very stylish haircut and beard and a big grin.  Each year he would grow his beard in the winter but shave it off for summer.  After Norah was born when time came to shave his beard for the first time in her little life, they let her watch so she would see her "new" daddy and not be in for a surprise!   He quit growing the beard after it started graying!  Just kidding, Barc.   Very pleased to feature my son-in-law today.  (Click to enlarge)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Recently, I just ordered two more books containing all the pictures and little things I have written on both my blogs.   It's a little pricey but not too bad when you do it six months at a time.  In January, I will order the last six months of both Funoldhag and Pieces of the Past.  Accumulating quite a little library now and it's fun looking through them.  Hopefully, my family will enjoy them in the years to come.   I had them done at Blog2Print and have been very happy with their service. 

I will be going on a mini retreat with some of my quilting friends at the home of one of the girls.  Promises to be a great time.  Will go in the morning and back Thursday after dinner.  Thursday also is the day my granddaughter Hannah is to learn where her assignment for her two years in the Peace Corps will be.  I am so anxious to hear and I pray it will be a good place. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Second Time Around

I think I featured this little chamber pot that I have in my potty collection a couple of years ago.  However, the rulers have never been seen before!  Feldman's was an actual store in Chillicothe when I was growing up and this ruler was in Ray's mother's things, along with the little six inch Churngold ruler.
This is what is inside the little potty.  I bought it at an antique shop or show someplace and thought it was so funny.  Figured there are some of you that might remember this but others will not.  I do have good old chamber pots!!  (Click to enlarge)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Star

I just finished quilting the paper pieced star that I did in Linda's class a few weeks ago.  Just pretty much straight machine quilting with the walking foot except for some of my loopy things between the star and sashing.  The border is just lines an inch apart quilted up and down.  With the background fabric I used (really like it) you can't really see the quilting so I just went all around each stripe in the star with invisible thread and quilted it in the ditch.  I think it makes the star pop and I am pleased with it.  Below is a picture of the piece right after I pinned it to the bacground fabric which I had had for a very long time.  Guess this is what I bought it for!  (Click to enlarge)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fashion Friday

It takes a lot of preparation to be featured on Fashion Friday - a girl just has to get her makeup right so that she can look her very best.  Here is one of the models featured from time to time getting ready for her turn in front of the camera.  The lipstick has been applied and she is working with the brush to dust her cheeks with powder.  The beautiful lashes do not need mascara nor does she need eye shadow.  It looks like she is almost ready for her closeup!!  Good golly, it's Miss Molly!!  (Click to enlarge)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trading Tags

My friend Julie at  and I have traded Artist Trading Cards along with some other quilters for quite a long time.  This fall just Julie and I are continuing with the trade and are doing tags with a vintage theme.  I have lost the one I did for September (it will show up, I am sure!) but here is the one I did for November and

the one for October.   

 And here are the three beauties that Julie has done the past three months.   Lots of fun to do. 
(Click to enlarge)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas Tabletopper and Runner

Here is a tabletopper I finished quilting and now have part of the binding sewn on ready for stitching.  I do my binding two sides at a time and don't use bias.  Have done it so long that way and probably will continue to do so.  I have done continuous binding a couple of times but seem to prefer this.  What is your favorite way of applying the binding? 
I really like the way the back looks - it shows up better than on the front.  This time I used the #60 thread and the knots on the back don't pile up like the thicker thread.  Wish I had become more comfortable with machine quilting years ago but I'm glad I am able to do what I do now.
This is a work in progress with more of the Christmas fabric from Moda and Joann's.  It will be one of at least two tablerunners.  The green background and the very top one with candy like circles came from Joann and the rest is Moda.  How about that for a blend.   Sorry the picture is a bit fuzzy when it's enlarged - must have jiggled the camera or had it on a wrong setting.   (Click to enlarge)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Fat Quarters from Janet

Last week I won a giveaway from Janet at and it came in the mail yesterday.  The fabric is by Moda and it is beautiful - Moda is my favorite!  And Janet's blog is one of my favorites, also.  Drop by and read her blog - you won't be disappointed.  Thank you so much for the generous gift!!  I will find something fun to do with it.  (Click to enlarge)

And there won't be a post on Hannah's blog this week - she has been busy and will take this week off.  I had an e-mail from her and she is doing great.  Sherry talked to her one morning and Hannah had received the first box sent so now has her bible, vitamins, and a sweatshirt among other items.  She said she had the sweatshirt on and it "smelled like home".  That brought a tear to my eye!! 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fashion Friday

Here is our pretty daughter, Sherry, posing for a picture in our back yard in Topeka, Kansas, when she was in high school. She is wearing a dress that was a popular style back in the late 60's and I am thinking I may have made that dress but don't remember for sure.  Maybe Sher will remember.  I believe it was a dark blue with trim running down the seams in front, across the yolk and around the collar. Her shoes have stylish pointed toes and straps. A very cute picture of Sherry! Note the squirrel feeder on the tree - one almost followed me into the house one day when I was bringing in laundry. A squirrel, that is, not a feeder! (Click to enlarge)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Finally Able to Post Pictures

After fuming, fussing and fretting, I finally was able to find the magic key to unlock my pictures again.  So much of finding your way around the internet is just pure luck.  So, here is the first of the pictures that I wanted to post.  All of the odds and ends scattered around the living room and dining room were in the little room where I have my computer and the bedroom where my Bernina is.  As you can see, there are multiple chamber pots (including one in the foreground above that looks pretty dusty).  The carpet is dry now, I have dusted the furniture and most all is back in place and I am pooped.  However, it's looking pretty good and I'm glad it's done.
 And here is my Halloween cactus.  The color is so vivid and intense.  Reminds me of some of those old   honeycomb paper fans - if you know what I mean.  
Here is a tablemat pinned and ready to be machine quilted.  Will show you the entire piece when I have finished it.  Gotta run now - time for Modern Family!  Love that show!!!!  (Click to enlarge)


I ran out of free picture space on Google yesterday so can't post any more pictures until what I bought is put up for me to use - it says usually within 24 hours.  Hope it shows up so I don't have to go through the hassle of finding out where it is.  I get into a bit of a tizzy dealing with things like that although it usually eventually is resolved without a ton of trouble.

And I am waiting for my carpet to dry - I had it cleaned yesterday after much procrastination simply because I was dreading moving all my good "junque" out of the way.  And now I have to move all that good "junque" back to where it belongs.   I am not a minimilist - that is for sure - so my home is filled to the brim.  Today I will put things back and do some dusting (attagirl, Carol!!) and it will be nice and neat  --------- for a spell!  I know one thing I have learned over the past years - it was not JUST my kids and husband who brought dirt into the house!!!!! 

I also was going to post a picture of my "Halloween" cactus - the Christmas one that blooms early.  It is very pretty, although not as spectacular as it was a year or two ago.  No need to (Click to enlarge!!!)