Friday, November 5, 2010

Fashion Friday

Here is our pretty daughter, Sherry, posing for a picture in our back yard in Topeka, Kansas, when she was in high school. She is wearing a dress that was a popular style back in the late 60's and I am thinking I may have made that dress but don't remember for sure.  Maybe Sher will remember.  I believe it was a dark blue with trim running down the seams in front, across the yolk and around the collar. Her shoes have stylish pointed toes and straps. A very cute picture of Sherry! Note the squirrel feeder on the tree - one almost followed me into the house one day when I was bringing in laundry. A squirrel, that is, not a feeder! (Click to enlarge)


Norah said...

LOVE that dress! If it was more fitted at the top, add a belt, and it would be very cute today! Even the Mary Janes are back right now.

Have a wonderful weekend -- enjoy the extra hour!! I know I will.

Love you!

Jewels said...

What a sweet pic Carol - has a "vintage" feel to it! Talk to you soon. J

Stray Stitches said...

I remember those dresses and horribly uncomfortable shoes - pinched the toes (the shoes not the dress)

Lyneen said...

I can remember dresses like this.... it seems like ages ago... Thanks for stopping by!

Sherry said...

I had forgotten about that dress. It had blue and black tiny checks. You made many wonderful dresses for me all through my home years! I am glad you get to spend your time sewing things you really enjoy now!