Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Fat Quarters from Janet

Last week I won a giveaway from Janet at and it came in the mail yesterday.  The fabric is by Moda and it is beautiful - Moda is my favorite!  And Janet's blog is one of my favorites, also.  Drop by and read her blog - you won't be disappointed.  Thank you so much for the generous gift!!  I will find something fun to do with it.  (Click to enlarge)

And there won't be a post on Hannah's blog this week - she has been busy and will take this week off.  I had an e-mail from her and she is doing great.  Sherry talked to her one morning and Hannah had received the first box sent so now has her bible, vitamins, and a sweatshirt among other items.  She said she had the sweatshirt on and it "smelled like home".  That brought a tear to my eye!! 


Miri said...

Congratulations! Terrific fabrics!

Leslie said...

Oh boy that would make me cry also, I will bet that home smells pretty good as well as a favorite sweatshirt felling so warm and soft. Nice fabric for you, that was a nice win.

Stray Stitches said...

Beautiful fabrics! What are going to create?