Monday, December 27, 2010

Back Home Again

I am back from a lovely Christmas with my family in Chicago hosted by my oldest granddaughter and her husband, Norah and Chad.  The trips down and back were just great - good roads and not a lot of traffic.  What a difference in weather from the east coast.  There was a lot of snow fall in Chicago over the time we were there, but going and coming was not affected.  In the picture above of the kid's beautiful tree, you can see the snow through the window of their condo.
The entire family, of course, was not present at least in person.  Here we are all sitting around talking to Hannah in Africa.  We talked to her three times over the holiday and she sounds just wonderful.  She was with some of her Peace Corps friends and had had vegetable lasagna for dinner.  There was also pheasant but she is vegetarian so didn't partake of that.  And she said it was very, very hot there.  She has so much to tell us and it is so sweet to listen to her.  Also there were Molly and Doug, the newlyweds from Portland.   And Bill and Ann from Kansas City completed the family circle. 

A few of the Christmas things - first above is a Christmas dog in her Santa suit.  Her name is Lacey.
Some Christmas cookies - Norah and Molly made and decorated them.  The grocery store was out of regular food coloring so they bought neon.  Don'e they look cool?  And they tasted just great.
The Christmas puzzle - worked on mainly by Sherry and Molly with an occasional piece found by me.
Some darling mittens that look like sock monkey hand puppets that Molly got.  I'm not sure who gave them to her - maybe Ann.
A card I made for each of the four couples using a picture taken in 1957 of Sherry and Bill on Santa's lap in the Block and Kuhl department store in Peoria.  I found the cute little snowmen half price in the scrapbook section at Michael's.  Thought they turned out kind of cute.  In another post, I will show you the "project" that Sherry worked on for Christmas for each of us.  It is wonderful.  Hope you all had a happy Christmas!  (Click to enlarge) 


Leslie said...

It sure looks like you all are having lots of fun, and how cute is the dog. Your grand daughters condo is just so very pretty. I love the accent color on the walls. The floors are very pretty, also. It looks like a great time with family for you. I am glad that you were all able to get together.

Molly said...

You really captured the Christmas fun! Miss you already!

Karen said...

Sounds like a perfect Christmas Carol!

Jewels said...

Hi Carol - I'm still here in Canada - Alan thinks I'm at the library catching up on work - but I'm really checking out all my favorite blogs! Sounds like you had an awesome Christmas - and how nice to talk to Hannah! We will be back on Jan 2nd - see you soon! Jewels