Monday, December 6, 2010

Deck the Halls

 I have been putting up some Christmas things today and it's always fun to find the old decorations that have been used year after year after year.  This little girl goes way back to one of our first Christmases.  My Aunt Leah worked in Peoria at the Bergner's department store and she brought this little girl that had evidently been used in the store decorations.  Each year she comes out for Christmas to sit someplace and watch over things.

 These were also brought by Leah.  I think she purchased these.  In the top photo you can see that a boot was 79 cents and it had a Bergner's sticker on it.  It also looks like it was marked down to 25 cents.  These boots have been around forever, also.
Crafty Carol - I made these stockings sometime in the 50's when we lived in Iowa.  They are showing signs of stains now.  They were just for decorations and never held any treats - not that I can remember. 
A wreath I made after I got started quilting.  Fun to see what the fabric was like back then - all small prints but we thought it was wonderful.   Kind of a fun old decoration.  Will post a few more another time.  Best get back to cleaning up my mess - getting slower all the time!  (Click to enlarge)


Leslie said...

Those were fun to see, we also have something that watches over things. Leif's mom use to put an elf on the tree to watch out for bad doings near christmas. I think that the elf would report what the kids were doing in the house to Santa. Anyway as the baby of the family Leif got the magical Elf and now it watches over us at Christmas time upon our tree. Isn't Christmas fun!!!!

Karen said...

I did enjoy your Christmas treasures of the past and would love to see some more. Time now for me to pull out a few decorations.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

I remember that puffy wreath I made one of those also years ago! Love all the fun pictures that you have posted!!

Hugs, Carolyn