Friday, December 3, 2010

Fashion Friday

I recently featured Barclay, my other son,on Fashion Friday - and now I have some pictures and can feature my other daughter, Ann.  Here is a happy, grinning cutie on her 8th birthday!  It is a month late for her birthday, but in time for the day before Bill's.  Ann is wearing a very pretty striped dress and holding what was probably her favorite birthday present - a Barbie doll.  She was and still is a big Barbie fan.  Her cake looks yummy!  And I am sure Ruby, her mom, the other mother for my son, Bill, made that for her.  I will be able to add more pictures of Ann  to Funoldhag and also to Pieces of the Past.  Keep watching!  (Click to enlarge)


Linda said...

This so looks like my oldest sister at the same age! The hair, the glasses and the Barbie!

Uncle Bill said...

That's my little Annie!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Cute, love the old pictures!!! Carolyn