Friday, December 31, 2010

Fashion Friday

Here it is New Year's Eve of 2011 and what to do for Fashion Friday!  I was looking through files on my computer and saw this picture of Ray and me when we were very, very young and before we were married.  I cannot even remember the reason for being all dressed up but I do know it was not a New Year's Eve.  However, it could have been!   Ray is wearing a gray pin striped suit with a double breasted jacket.  I think it may be the same suit he wore in an earlier picture of us at a dance we went to in Galesburg, Illinois, at the branch of the University of Illinois where Desi Arnaz' orchestra played.  Carol wears an off the shoulder long gown that I believe was an iridescent dark red with a corsage of gardenias at her waist.  She carried a small purse.  This was taken probably in 1948 or 1949, many moons ago.  (Click to enlarge)


Pokey said...

What a beautiful couple! Such happy memories! I hope your new year is filled with great things- creativity, family, events- more memories to come for you, Carol!

Dorincard said...

We should create our memories faster. Time is flying...
Happy New Year, Carol!
Be healthy!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

You both look very snappy, happy and ready to have a little fun! Beautiful corsage on your wrist----I am sure that set "Ray" back a few dollars. But--- I am sure he thought it was worth it. You look like a "movie star" and I bet he thought so too!

Many blessing to you and your family, Carol-- I so have enjoyed our blogging friendship this past year and look forward to 2011 with you and your blog.

Hugs, Carolyn