Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bill!!

Here is our three year old Billy Ray sharing some birthday cake with his Uncle Bud back in 1956. Bill turns 57 this year and Bud, my "kid" brother, will turn 78 on the 6th. Note the trumpet sitting right next to Bill - that was the favorite birthday present that year. We lived in a house right across the street from the side of the high school and the band would practice in the street in front of our house. This little fellow was super excited and would march up and down the living room "boom, boom, boom"!  He had great rythym and loved music.

Playing a tune for Grandma!

Big sister, Sherry, and Daddy, who is a real trumpet player, showing Billy the mute.  Looks like it even has a case.

Mommy lighting the three candles while Sherry looks on - the trumpet is beside the cake.  Great present!
So, Bill, I wish you a very happy birthday with many more on the horizon and send you much love along with these wishes. Again, I never would have taken you to the Used Boy Lot!!  Have a fun birthday weekend in Chicago - I will call you and I promise not to sing!

Also, to my brother on his 78th birthday on Monday, I send love and wishes for all good things! Will call you on your birthday, too!! (Click to enlarge)


Uncle Bill said...

I always knew you wouldn't trade me in!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Cute comment from "Bill"!! Carolyn :)

Pokey said...

Happy Birthday to your brother Bill! What sweet memories you've recalled here. Your husband's cross stitch is amazing, too. Such talent! My Larry has better quilting capability than I do, but he always says he's not interested. Hmmm.