Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Long Ago Christmas Tree

I was so happy when my brother sent this picture some time ago - it is the living room of our grandparents' home in Peoria, Illinois, a long time before my siblings and I were ever in the picture.  I do remember the house very well and actually the piano and victrola!  The victrola was in the basement when I was a little kid and I can remember putting the record on the turntable, winding it up, and setting the needle to the record.  Back to the living room here,  they are decorated for Christmas and the gifts seem to be on the table in the middle of the room.  There also appears to be some filmy substance over the tree for snow.  Note the dog sleeping right by the table.  The little oval picture to the left of the window is identical to one (not the same one) that I have hanging in my living room - purchased it at an antique store.  The floor lamp is absolutely wonderful.  The first picture on the wall on left is one of my mother and I think the large picture of the lady is my grandmother's mother,  Annie Carroll.  I was actually named after Grandma Pearce's maiden name (only just Carol).  Mom wanted to call me Margaret, but grandma hated being called Maggie so it turned out to be Carol.  I remember so many things about my grandmother and just loved going to their house - it was almost like a second home.   They lived in that house forever. 
Here is a view of the piano in the living room.  I love the lacy covering over the top and all the family pictures displayed there.  There seemed to be plenty of up to date sheet music ready to be played.  I am not sure who played it - maybe my Aunt Nelle.  Also a nice plant on a stand to the right of the piano.  This picture was not taken at the same time as the first one, but thought it would be a nice addition to the post.   So here is another Christmas Piece of the Past for you.  (Click to enlarge)


Karen said...

Wonderful photos Carol!

Anonymous said...

I live in Peoria. If you have the address of your grandparents' home, I could see if it is still standing and photograph it for you.