Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sherry and Barclay's Gift to All

This would be my favorite gift this Christmas.  Sherry talked about working on her "project" for quite a few weeks and I had no idea what it could have been.  This was the result - a lovely picture album she put together on Snapfish.  One was made for each of us - the three girls, Bill and Ann, and me.  There are twenty pages of pictures taken over the years from their wedding in 1975 through the eventful 2010 that had Molly marrying Doug and Hannah going to the Peace Corps.
Adding to this very special gift was the poetry written by Barclay which is his specialty at each gathering and which is used as their Christmas card each year.  Their friends and relatives look forward to Barc's annual poem. The picture above is on the last page and is the one taken when we all went to Portland for Barclay's 60th birthday in 2009.   I must admit that this gift brought tears to my eyes.  It is beautiful.   Good job, Sherry Kay!   (Click to enlarge)

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Leslie said...

This is just wonderful, I had to have Elle tell me how she made it on the computer. Isn't technology just grand. What a treasure. Leif's parents made all of their children albums in the old fashioned way years back that are just irreplacable. Happy New Year, heading upnorth to the log cabin in a hour or two. Packed lots of projects to work on. I will take my light box, I have a neat blackwork embroidery to trace. It is going to be in blacks and golds.