Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Wonderful Vintage Chrismas Site

I stumbled upon a really cool Christmas website with wonderful old pictures.  I did a post on my Pieces of the Past but thought I would put one here, also.  This picture is from 1925, I think.  Enlarge it, please, to see all the wonderful people.   Santa is rather grungy, but looks real.  The caption spoke of some of children looking as if they had dirty faces, but noted that they had chapped cheeks which was a common problem then.  I remember having chapped legs when the lining of my "snowpants" tore and the wet wool would rub your inner leg.  That was an ouchey!  Try going to http://www.papatedsplace.com/Christmas1920s.html  and checking out all the fun different sections.  You will find Christmases in the 20's, 30's, WWII, and more.  Scroll to the bottom of the section you are in and you will find links to the home page, table of contents, etc.   If you have a minute, I think you would enjoy this.

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Lee Prairie Designs said...

Wonderful vintage picture! I remember those days sitting on "Santa's" lap and giving him my list.....Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Carolyn

PS----Thanks for leaving me your sweet message.