Friday, January 14, 2011

Fashion Friday

Today our sweet little models are Nan and Nelle Pearce, my mom and my aunt, when they were very young little girls back in the late 1890's.  I have this picture in a pretty old antique frame hanging by my fireplace in a group of other old photos.  This is so sweet.  Nan is wearing a dark long dress with a lace trimmed collar.  Nelle wears a lighter colored dress with a double ruffle feature around the neck and shoulder line.  Both little girls appear to be in awe of the camera - do you suppose it was one of those that the photographer went under a dark cover when the picture was being taken?  I may have featured the little sisters before, but it would have been a long time ago and you might enjoy seeing them again.  (Click to enlarge)


Terry said...

Howdy Carol
Oh what great fun !
I am so glad you have this fabulous image to enjoy :)
I just love to look through old photos .
This is really a rare one as they are not afraid of the camera man and look so happy .
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend .
Until next time
Happy Trails

Leslie said...

Well friend, I am home from Texas and do I have a story to tell you at the sit and sew. I think I can go on Tuesday. Until then you know me and just imagine what happened to Leif and I. Oh boy, we are a pair. lol

Debs said...

what a great shot! they both look ever-so-slightly surprised - i wonder what the photographer just said to them!

Tete said...

Hi Carol- it's so nice to meet you! Had to come and see the blog of a funoldhag! Girl, you are pretty with it for 82!
I love this old photo of your momma and aunt! Twins?
So sweet- and the faces of angels.
Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog!
Hugs- Tete

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Hello Carol, Little Miss Nan and Nelle are just precious. Thanks for sharing with us.