Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Hannah

Sunday is my youngest granddaughter's 22nd birthday - and as you who read my blog know, Hannah is in Africa in the Peace Corps so it may be Sunday over there right now or getting very close.  No one has ever asked me to sing or even encouraged me a little bit, but I did find this cute little kitten to be my stand in for a happy birthday song to Hannah.  I had an e-mail from her this morning and she is planning on posting to her blog this weekend - I am so anxious for that. 

Here is Hannah on her birthday that doesn't seem all that long ago and I think it was her 8th and it was a bowling party.  How do they grow up so quickly?
In the meantime, my dear granddaughter, you are loved, being thought of  and wished a fun birthday way over there in Africa.  xxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxx from your Grandma.


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Darling picture. They do grow up fast don't they??

Hope you are having a great weekend.

:) Carolyn

Hannah said...

Thanks, Grandma! I actually got my posts up this morning- ENJOY!! :) Love and miss you! xoxoxo Hannah

Uncle Bill said...

Oh my, I just had to laugh... Hannah is, and always will be Hannah, she looks just the same today!!! God bless her.