Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Fun Saturday

Before I start this post, I wanted to tell you that my phone rang about 8:00 this morning and I heard "Grandma?"  It was Hannah calling from Mozambique - what a wonderful start to my day!  She is sounding just absolutely enthusiastic, happy and is really settling in to her home away from home.  There will be a post sometime today so, if you are following her blog, check later.  I am anxious to read more from her.

Now for this picture that I have posted.  Yesterday I went with Stepanie, Kathy and Linda to Decker, Michigan, which is out on the thumb of the state to attend a seminar and trunk show that was by Edyta Sitar, a young  up and coming quilter who actually lives in Marshall, Michigan, which is in the southern part of the state.  The drive there early in the morning was rather hairy since we had had snow through the night and the roads weren't clear.  Stephanie did a great job getting us there and we arrived safe and sound. Edyta is a young woman is and her work is absolutely wonderful - her quilts are gorgeous and she has the cutest accent (Polish).  It was a joy listening to her and seeing her work.  Pictures cannot capture the actual beauty of her quilts. 
She was featured in this month's issue of American Patchwork and Quilting which features this very nice photo of her being a "fabric" angel.   I am so glad that our guild is fortunate to have booked her next  fall to teach a class.  You can certainly count me in!  If you ever get a chance to go to see her or take a class, I urge you to take advantage of it,  you will most certainly be glad you did.  And in addition to the good time listening to Edyta and looking at her beautiful work, the coffee cake, rolls and coffee beforehand were yummy and the luncheon was double yummy.  It was served by the women of the church and they have some mighty good cooks there.
You can't take a road trip and not stop at a quilt shop or two along the way.  I think that is actually against the rules of quilters.  We stopped at one in Marlette and one in Frankenmuth.  In Frankenmuth, I bought this book of Christmas redwork patterns.   One more stop was made to Miles of Stitches in Hemlock and we got there in the nick of time as they were closing.  Stephanie needed some wide backing for a quilt and she was able to get what she wanted so that was a good thing.

All in all, including three very fun companions and a beautiful snowfall most of the way home (which wasn't sticking on the highway) it added up to a very nice day.  (Click to enlarge)


Sue said...

I have all of her books! YEs! SHe does wonderful work. Have you been to Quilts at the Marshall House in Marshall, Michigan? Fantastic place and Edyta shows up there often, I guess.

Some blogging friends and I are working on her Hop to it quilt! FANTASTIC.

Thank you for posting. We have to keep the good word going about our Michigan quilting artists!!

Jewels said...

Carol sounds like you had a wonderful time (despite having to get up so early, LOL) - look forward to hearing more next week at Guild - and what a wonderful way to start the day for you! J

Leslie said...

Hey, that is the redwork book that I am using for my black and gold quilt. THey are just wonderful patterns aren't they. I got mine in Gaylord at the Ben Franklin store. What is not to love about that shop. I do wish that I could have joined you all on Saturday, but the swim meet was a good one for Gar and he did very well.

Karen said...

A very nice day for sure Carol! All the books look wonderful.