Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Lovely Surprise

Last night at guild, my friend  and fellow tag maker Julie had this wonderful surprise for me.   Julie does absolutely beautiful collage work and has been and is involved in online classes and trades, etc.  Her work is  gorgeous - she has a natural knack for this and has amassed a lot of emphemera and wonderful old vintage items to use in her projects.  I am thrilled with this lovely piece of art - not just for the fact that is a beautiful piece but also that the ladies in the picture are my mother, Nan Pearce, on the right and a friend of hers that pops up in a lot of the old pictures I have.  Julie asked me if she could use the picture in a project she was doing and of course I was happy to have her use it.  She can use any of my pictures any time!  Thank you so much, my friend!  (Click to enlarge)

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Leslie said...

Oh how pretty, and I too got my tag from her (Julies) blog giveaway last night. The 2 of you do some pretty wonderful paper art. I hung the Valentine tag that I got from you on the knob of my dining room china cabinet. It looks wonderful. After Valentines day Julie's will hang in it place of honor for some time. Thank you girls.