Monday, February 14, 2011

A Sweet Valentine Surprise

One of my neighbors here in our condo complex has the sweetest little great granddaughter who has been coming to her grandma's since she was a baby.  Taryn (I hope I spelled that right) is an absolute delight and I enjoy talking to her so much.  Jane, her great grandmother, has her before and after school while her mom works.  One morning when school was cancelled, Taryn spent some time with me so Jane could fulfull an obligation.  It was fun - she so reminded me of having Hannah here when I first moved to my condo.  This afternoon, Taryn brought me cupcakes for Valentine's Day.  How sweet is that?  I have never received cupcakes as a valentine before!  Thank you, sweetie pie!!

Earlier this morning, these beautiful flowers came from Bill and Ann.  Just gorgeous.  And tonight I will have a repeat of a dinner that I had at Sherry's last evening which was sooooo good.  Pretty good valentine's day  I would say!!   (Click to enlarge)

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Leslie said...

How sweet!! Enjoy yourself with your goodies.