Friday, March 11, 2011

Fashion Friday

Our gorgeous models this morning are Molly, my middle granddaughter, and her lovely friend, Angie, when they were probably 11 years old.  Molly would bring Angie over to our house sometimes and they would do things like playing with Barbies in our basement.  This particular day, it was dressup.  Molly looks beautiful modeling the taffeta gown that I wore when I stood up with my sister at her wedding.  It is a lovely melon color with a pleated ruffle over the sleeves and around the back.  Tiny covered buttons acted as the closure.  Pretty Angie is clad in my wedding suit, which is a toast color satin.  Double breasted, it had self covered buttons and the pockets were crosshatch quilted.  The girls took turns modeling the garments and somewhere there are more pictures of each in the other outfit.  I think there was a square dance dress worn that day also.  Will have to look through the albums for the others.  Angie will be wearing her own wedding dress in a couple of months and Molly will be back for the wedding.  I think maybe Norah will be here also.  I look forward to that so much.  

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