Saturday, March 19, 2011

Officially Spring

Finally - I've seen my first robin!  Have been on the lookout the past couple of weeks.  A little while ago, I was looking out the front window and saw something land on the railing of my little porch.  It's dusk and so didn't realize at first that it was a robin.  The distinctive little round tummy  made me take a second look and sure enough there it was.  It hopped down to the ground and started doing it's little robin hopping thing looking for yummy worms.  Spring is here. 


Lee Prairie Designs said...

YEA!!!! Thanks for the neat picture. We are ready for spring!

Carolyn :)

Leslie said...

Great Picture! I am ready also, should I do a little dance too. lol This means I must put Sven away for a few months doesnt it. I will miss him, he is such a happy fellow.

Sue said...

I always am on the lookout come March for the robin too. We've been seeing them in the yard and to me, they are what signals that it's spring :D