Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's Getting There!

I have all the applique work done on the little quilt for a sweet little fellow who will join our family this summer.  Right now I am putting the rows together so earlier I went out to the Bench to look for some backing.  I found it!  It couldn't be much better and here it is with just a glimpse of some of the front.  Two weeks from today is Norah's shower and it looks like I will have it finished in time, be the good Lord willing and the creek don't rise!   (Click to enlarge)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Seeing Red

This was done probably ten years ago - it has been a while.  One of my first big paper piecing projects, I gathered all my reds and printed out a bunch of blocks and enjoyed putting together the different shades of red with a bit of gold.  My favorite color!

The reason I am posting this now is that I am working on my project that I cannot post and thought I would find something to put up.  The project is 3/4th appliqued and I just made a decision for an addition and found the perfect fabric to use!  I tried about three other pieces and they might have worked but finally came across one that I just loved.  That's a good feeling, isn't it, when things kind of fall in place. 

This has been another gloomy day - but not to complain, I feel so for the people in the south whose lives have been turned upside down by the terrible storms this week.   We certainly can take some gloomy days.  (Click to enlarge)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Here is a picture I took of a pretty bouquet I got one day - I adore the colors.  I put the vase of flowers on the floor and took a picture straight down.  One day I used this in my Kaleidoscope program -

and here are three very pretty kaleidoscopes that I came up with.  Fun stuff - you can make thousands of different beauties if you so desire.  Just thought you might like to see the lovely colors and shapes. Fun to fiddle with once in a while.  (Click to enlarge)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

 from Funoldhag on this Easter Sunday.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Plan for Hexies

Quite some time ago, I started making a few hexagon flowers and the past few months have made more - there are two dozen of them now all in batiks.  Although I like making them, they are  very time consuming and I figure when you are in your 80's maybe a really long range project with hundreds of hexies is not a feasible idea.  After all, I have so many things I want to do and am doing that I don't wish to spend a lot of time on a project that could take years.  Please don't think that I am depressed about age, as I am surely not.   I have been so very blessed to have made it this far in life in good health and with most of my mind intact.  I am so happy that I can still get excited about things.  That said,  back to the hexies.  While surfing this morning, I ran across directions for an old Nancy Page quilt called Magic Vine.  It basically is vertical rows of flowers and leaves separated by plain strips and a leaf border all around.  Aha!  Here's what I have laid out on paper with rough cut leaves and a drawn vine---
That would cut down on the number of flowers needed dramatically!!  And there would be room for lots of pretty feather quilting by someone who is a whiz with the long arm.  Working the math, I probably have enough of the flowers done but would replace some of them with some prettier fabric.   I will take this on after I get the darling little project done that I am working on for the new little member of our family and that is coming along great!  (Click to enlarge)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Can't Show What has me Preoccupied

Have been in the basement most of the day working on something I cannot put on my blog yet. 
It's for sure I have let everyone know that my oldest granddaughter, Norah, is expecting a little boy and he is due on my 83rd birthday.   It is lovely to think about but I will not hold her to that exact date. 
So here is what I am working with although with the piles of fabrics here I could make several quilts - there will be lots left when I get his finished.  And, also, I most likely won't use some of the pieces at all.  I have one panel ready to be appliqued and I would love to post it but Norah checks my blog and I want this to be a surprise.  Don't know if I had written that there will be a shower for her in Kansas City and Sherry and I are going to fly there and be part of the party.  We will stay at Bill and Ann's.  So after we get back, I will post pictures.  Meantime, check out the pretty fabric!  (Click to enlarge)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An Incredible Easter Tree

In looking over my favorite blogs, I came across this beautiful "Easter Tree" when I was checking out Carolyn's blog  She has the sweet story of the family in Germany who decorates this incredible tree every year.  I know you would enjoy "hopping" over there and reading more and seeing some more pictures.  You will also enjoy the rest of her blog.   You might want to google the tree, also, for more information on it.  Try putting "Volker Kraft Easter Tree" in the search box.     (Click to enlarge)

Monday, April 18, 2011

One More Post of the Quilt Show

The quilts in this post are ones done by Linda, our featured quilter.  Linda does unbelievable work and designs most of it on EQ7.  Her quilts are fabulous. 
 We had them hanging in the hall coming into the room where the show is held.  Some of our guests remarked that they felt like they had been to the show just going down the hall.  It is a hard place to try and get a good picture because of being narrow and the lighting not good. 
 I think, though, that you will get the idea of what a beautiful display she brought us.
She has a quilt in Lancaster, PA, now that has won an honorable mention.  Another quilt will be in Paducah. 
This was in the little foyer as you came into the building.

Linda told me this quilt was made in a class with Kaffe Fasset - how cool.   
A beautiful tablerunner.  This was actually a small part of a picture that didn't turn out well but I wanted to include this beauty.  Don't know how well it will enlarge, but you can certainly see how gorgeous this is.
(Click any of the pictures to enlarge)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quilt Show - Day 2

Continuing with our quilt show, this is a quilt made by Leslie in an old time tile style.  She said it is very labor intensive and would not want to tackle another one.  I will say that I am certainly glad she tackled this one - it's a beauty.  She had help from her daughter, Elle, in the choosing, cutting and placing of fabrics.  It is all by hand and much of it done while she waits for Elle to do her figure skating on the days they go to Detroit.  Leslie always has handwork ready to go when she drives one of her children to places they need to be.
A closeup of one of the blocks.  Great fabric.

A corner of the room showing some of our displays.  A sweet sunbonnet sue quilt is on the wall left and a lovely embroidered wallhanging is to the right.  A beautiful crazy quilt is in the wonderful sled.  Nancy is responsible for the embroidered quilt and
here is a closeup of that beautiful quilt. 

A sweet redwork embroidered Red Riding Hood wallhanging by Kathy.
And Leslie did this embroidered sparkling quilt for Christmas.  Another beauty,

here is a closeup of one of the blocks.  Lots and lots of pretty golden glitter.

Another Kathy - the same one as in the previous post - and another of her amazing machine quilted pieces.  Be sure to click to enlarge.

You have seen lots of these posted on my blog before.  These are the tags that Julie and I have exchanged each month since September.  She mounted them to let our fellow quilters see what we have been up to.  This has been lots of fun.  In each pair, hers are to the left and mine to the right.
There is still one more post I will make and that will be quilts of our featured quilter, Linda.  Amazing.  Stay tuned.  (Click to enlarge)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Quilt Show - Day One

I belong to Quilters Squared Quilt Guild here in Midland.   We have an extraordinary number of very talented ladies who love to quilt and who do make absolutely beautiful pieces.  This weekend is our annual show and I thought I would give you a mini quilt show today, tomorrow and Sunday to share some of the pieces we have on display.  I know who make some of them and not others, and I hope no one feels slighted if I don't mention their name.  They must not forget that I am an old lady and not as quick as I once was (how's that for an excuse?)  This is a lovely embroidered and quilted hanging that Marcia made.  Quite a few of us have been doing some embroidery along with quilting.  There will be others to show in the next two days.

This beauty was made by Karen.  All done in oriental fabrics with gold highlights.  I love the colors in this piece.

Here is a beautiful, old fashioned quilt done in lovely colors and I am sorry I can't remember who made it.  It's a wonderful piece. 

Here are four wall hangings that are marvelous!  I know for sure the makers of two of them and think all of them were made by a quartet of gals who have challenged each other and make pieces to interpret a subject they decide on.  Janna, Nancy, Kathy and Stephanie go by JNKS and give talks and show their work around the state.  I know Janna did the gorgeous bird.  The colors are wonderful - it is a beauty.  The freehand quilted multicolored circles is Kathy's work.  She has grown to be a master in the art of freehand machine quilting.  This piece as as beautiful on the back as on the front.  I think armadillo was done by Nancy.  If not, I will add a correction.  It, too, is a lovely piece with great color.  Not sure who the other pretty circle wallhanging was made by, but it's a winner also. 
This is one I did some time ago and had quilted by another Carol who does the most beautiful job on the long arm.  Tomorrow I will do another post for you.  I need to take pictures of more of the quilts and retake some of the ones I took today.  Hope you enjoy the show.  (Click to enlarge)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Some Quick Quilt Labels

Our quilt show is this weekend and I have four pieces to enter and each one of them had no label.  I am getting very lax on that part of the quilting process, I am sorry to say.  I have done all sorts of labels and do enjoy making them on the computer.  Some times I use muslin backed by the sticky backing of full sheet labels - that can be used several times and it does go through the printer very well.  With freezer paper, I have had problems with it bunching up as it starts through the printing process.  However, it does help a lot if you fold a long piece of scotch tape across the leading edge of the paper - gives it something to grip easily.  I have some really good printer's sheets of cloth on the sticky paper that is soft and easy to needle when you sew through it.  I also had the package of sheets I show in the picture above that does a nice job but is terrible to try and hand sew.  So, I decided to do some quick designing and some quick printing and then add strips around each label.  For the edge, I just did a decorative stitch around the raw edge and it worked out fine.  Now I will be able to whip those little babies to the backs of my quilts in no time at all.  You could really get creative and use a different colored strip on each side, or paper piece a diamond in a square with the center containing the information.  But if you just want to get one done and in a hurry, this works well.  (Click to enlarge)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Tag for April

Here is the little tag I made for April to trade with Julie at the guild meeting Tuesday night.  I saw this pretty lady in the big, big feathered hat and thought "Easter Bonnet".  She looks so pleased with herself and rightfully so.   Julie is putting together an exhibit of our tags for the quilt show which is next week.  Some of the gals and their husbands will be getting the room ready Wednesday night and quilt take in and set up will be Thursday. 
We have a bazaar along with our show.  There is not enough room for vendors, but the members bring in handmade items, quilt books and magazines, unwanted notions and bags of fabric that we no longer want.  I packaged some yesterday.  I will also have a lot of old magazines to bring along.  Nothing homemade this year, but I have made a lot of things in the past.  We have a lot of new members and I am sure they will pick up the slack.  It is amazing how much we bring in with that little venture.  (Click to enlarge)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Final Folk Art Blocks Ready to Applique

Just finished cleaning up the mess in the bedroom where I have my good sewing machine.  Normally,  I do all my cutting, fusing and block preparation in the basement where there is lots of room for fabric and paper to fly.  Pretty close quarters in the bedroom and it was an absolute mess.  Didn't want to clean it up until they were all done and I finished them today. 
Now I can do my applique.  I think there are three done and six to go and all of the patterns are easy ones to work on. 

The color in the pictures isn't the best but you can get the idea.  Sashing and border will be the white of the black dotted print that I used in the large quilt top I just put together.  I just bought about five yards of it for backing so will have plenty for this little wallhanging which will only measure about 36" square.  Promise no more posts on it until together and quilted!  (Click to enlarge)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baby Things - Old and New

A little pattern I bought about sixty years ago when I was pregnant for our daughter,
another one.  This second one I actually did make two little jackets from using flannel.  I may even have those in the basement stored away.  I sewed many things for Sherry as she was growing up - even one time made mother and daughter outfits.  I don't think I have a photo of those - wish I did.

However, the actual reason for this post is I am thinking baby.  My granddaughter, Norah, just learned that she is having a little boy!   And his due date is still my birthday - happy, happy!  (Click to enlarge)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Late April Fool

I went to the basement about an hour or so ago and when I came up look what was going on!  Big flakes, too.  And the last snow was just about all melted.  Oh, well, it's nice and fresh again.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Favorite Illustrators

As you can probably guess, I spend some (more than I should) time surfing the net.  Doesn't that sound high tech?  I have many, many files on my computer full of things I like - pictures of quilts, vintage pictures, old advertising - most of it is vintage.  During the searching I have discovered art by illustrators that capitivates me.  Thought I would feature some of them from time to time.
The first is Nell Brinkley - 1886-1944 - who was referred to as the "Queen of Comics".  Her drawings are just beautiful.
I have always wished I could draw - but alas it never happened.  If you would like to read more about Nell, I have a link that should be a good place to start.  You can also google her and look through images.  There will be hundreds of wonderful illustrations to see.  (Click to enlarge)