Thursday, April 21, 2011

Can't Show What has me Preoccupied

Have been in the basement most of the day working on something I cannot put on my blog yet. 
It's for sure I have let everyone know that my oldest granddaughter, Norah, is expecting a little boy and he is due on my 83rd birthday.   It is lovely to think about but I will not hold her to that exact date. 
So here is what I am working with although with the piles of fabrics here I could make several quilts - there will be lots left when I get his finished.  And, also, I most likely won't use some of the pieces at all.  I have one panel ready to be appliqued and I would love to post it but Norah checks my blog and I want this to be a surprise.  Don't know if I had written that there will be a shower for her in Kansas City and Sherry and I are going to fly there and be part of the party.  We will stay at Bill and Ann's.  So after we get back, I will post pictures.  Meantime, check out the pretty fabric!  (Click to enlarge)


Norah said...


I think you can password-protect some posts and have people email you for the password. Otherwise I would promise not to peek but I wouldn't be able to keep that promise!!!


Sue said...

How sweet. Sounds like Norah is thrilled :D Can't wait to see it!

Jewels said...

Oh Carol - I know what this is - and what a hoot how you found the pattern (that magic you have worked again LOL) - seriously I'd love for you to play the lottery for me! Have a wonderful weekend - hope I get to see the finished gift before it leaves town! HK J

Leslie said...

I think I know what you are making also and Norah will just love this special little gift. This quilt will be a great applique. You are the best and so cleaver with your ideas on quilts. Lucky baby!!!

Sherry said...

Bring it over for Easter dinner! The fabric is perfect! Norah, you will be tickled by it.