Monday, April 18, 2011

One More Post of the Quilt Show

The quilts in this post are ones done by Linda, our featured quilter.  Linda does unbelievable work and designs most of it on EQ7.  Her quilts are fabulous. 
 We had them hanging in the hall coming into the room where the show is held.  Some of our guests remarked that they felt like they had been to the show just going down the hall.  It is a hard place to try and get a good picture because of being narrow and the lighting not good. 
 I think, though, that you will get the idea of what a beautiful display she brought us.
She has a quilt in Lancaster, PA, now that has won an honorable mention.  Another quilt will be in Paducah. 
This was in the little foyer as you came into the building.

Linda told me this quilt was made in a class with Kaffe Fasset - how cool.   
A beautiful tablerunner.  This was actually a small part of a picture that didn't turn out well but I wanted to include this beauty.  Don't know how well it will enlarge, but you can certainly see how gorgeous this is.
(Click any of the pictures to enlarge)


Nelly said...

Wow they are beautiful

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Wow is right---- they defintly make a wonderful statement!

Thanks again for sharing.

Carolyn :)

Leslie said...

Oh how wonderful that you got these pictures, no flies on you, huh! Linda's quilts are the best in piecing and yours are the best in applique!

Linda said...

They're beautiful! It always amazes me, the talent that goes into these fine creations.

Anonymous said...

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