Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Plan for Hexies

Quite some time ago, I started making a few hexagon flowers and the past few months have made more - there are two dozen of them now all in batiks.  Although I like making them, they are  very time consuming and I figure when you are in your 80's maybe a really long range project with hundreds of hexies is not a feasible idea.  After all, I have so many things I want to do and am doing that I don't wish to spend a lot of time on a project that could take years.  Please don't think that I am depressed about age, as I am surely not.   I have been so very blessed to have made it this far in life in good health and with most of my mind intact.  I am so happy that I can still get excited about things.  That said,  back to the hexies.  While surfing this morning, I ran across directions for an old Nancy Page quilt called Magic Vine.  It basically is vertical rows of flowers and leaves separated by plain strips and a leaf border all around.  Aha!  Here's what I have laid out on paper with rough cut leaves and a drawn vine---
That would cut down on the number of flowers needed dramatically!!  And there would be room for lots of pretty feather quilting by someone who is a whiz with the long arm.  Working the math, I probably have enough of the flowers done but would replace some of them with some prettier fabric.   I will take this on after I get the darling little project done that I am working on for the new little member of our family and that is coming along great!  (Click to enlarge)


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Darling idea with your hexies! Go for it!

Happy Easter, Carolyn :)

Leslie said...

Oh my goodness is that ever going to be pretty!! I just love the batik hexies. You are so clever. What about a light batik background, that may be very pretty.

Sue said...

I love the idea you have for your hexies! They are quite pretty and I am not a batiks fan. But these look like a true flower garden.

Have a wonderful Easter!

Karen said...

I remember the Magic Vine pattern and I LOVE your idea Carol. Beautiful flowers!

Donna~~ said...

That's a lovely idea for your hexies--I'm looking forward to seeing how they come together!