Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quilt Show - Day 2

Continuing with our quilt show, this is a quilt made by Leslie in an old time tile style.  She said it is very labor intensive and would not want to tackle another one.  I will say that I am certainly glad she tackled this one - it's a beauty.  She had help from her daughter, Elle, in the choosing, cutting and placing of fabrics.  It is all by hand and much of it done while she waits for Elle to do her figure skating on the days they go to Detroit.  Leslie always has handwork ready to go when she drives one of her children to places they need to be.
A closeup of one of the blocks.  Great fabric.

A corner of the room showing some of our displays.  A sweet sunbonnet sue quilt is on the wall left and a lovely embroidered wallhanging is to the right.  A beautiful crazy quilt is in the wonderful sled.  Nancy is responsible for the embroidered quilt and
here is a closeup of that beautiful quilt. 

A sweet redwork embroidered Red Riding Hood wallhanging by Kathy.
And Leslie did this embroidered sparkling quilt for Christmas.  Another beauty,

here is a closeup of one of the blocks.  Lots and lots of pretty golden glitter.

Another Kathy - the same one as in the previous post - and another of her amazing machine quilted pieces.  Be sure to click to enlarge.

You have seen lots of these posted on my blog before.  These are the tags that Julie and I have exchanged each month since September.  She mounted them to let our fellow quilters see what we have been up to.  This has been lots of fun.  In each pair, hers are to the left and mine to the right.
There is still one more post I will make and that will be quilts of our featured quilter, Linda.  Amazing.  Stay tuned.  (Click to enlarge)


Leslie said...

Thanks for showing off my quilts, you are the best Carol. There really were some very pretty quilts at our show, I agree!! How lucky are we that we can showcase our quilts like this among friends.

Karen said...

Wow! Such talent!