Friday, April 15, 2011

Quilt Show - Day One

I belong to Quilters Squared Quilt Guild here in Midland.   We have an extraordinary number of very talented ladies who love to quilt and who do make absolutely beautiful pieces.  This weekend is our annual show and I thought I would give you a mini quilt show today, tomorrow and Sunday to share some of the pieces we have on display.  I know who make some of them and not others, and I hope no one feels slighted if I don't mention their name.  They must not forget that I am an old lady and not as quick as I once was (how's that for an excuse?)  This is a lovely embroidered and quilted hanging that Marcia made.  Quite a few of us have been doing some embroidery along with quilting.  There will be others to show in the next two days.

This beauty was made by Karen.  All done in oriental fabrics with gold highlights.  I love the colors in this piece.

Here is a beautiful, old fashioned quilt done in lovely colors and I am sorry I can't remember who made it.  It's a wonderful piece. 

Here are four wall hangings that are marvelous!  I know for sure the makers of two of them and think all of them were made by a quartet of gals who have challenged each other and make pieces to interpret a subject they decide on.  Janna, Nancy, Kathy and Stephanie go by JNKS and give talks and show their work around the state.  I know Janna did the gorgeous bird.  The colors are wonderful - it is a beauty.  The freehand quilted multicolored circles is Kathy's work.  She has grown to be a master in the art of freehand machine quilting.  This piece as as beautiful on the back as on the front.  I think armadillo was done by Nancy.  If not, I will add a correction.  It, too, is a lovely piece with great color.  Not sure who the other pretty circle wallhanging was made by, but it's a winner also. 
This is one I did some time ago and had quilted by another Carol who does the most beautiful job on the long arm.  Tomorrow I will do another post for you.  I need to take pictures of more of the quilts and retake some of the ones I took today.  Hope you enjoy the show.  (Click to enlarge)


FeatherDuster said...

Those are all so different and sooo pretty. :-)

Karen said...

Online quilt shows are lots of fun!!! All are beautiful!

Pokey said...

You have some talented people around you, Carol. Your applique quilt is as beautiful as always, and Carol's quilt feathers are amazing! I'm looking forward to your next share...

Sue said...

Love the display of quilt. Really love the appliqued ones!