Saturday, May 28, 2011

All Things Vintage

I love all things vintage.  Here is an ad from an old catalog - 1933 Montgomery Ward, I think - for fabric.  The prices are unbelievable but I am sure the paychecks were, too.   It would be nice to know how it compares proportionately to the present - I am sure there is a way to figure it but I don't think I am quite that curious!  I love the panel for the quick sewing  apron.

This is a 1933 swatch card for Newberry's.  I would certainly love to have a yard or two of each of these great prints!  Love the reproduction fabrics of the 30's and 40's.

Some batt from Sears.    Am not sure of the year this was published.

Two pages from 1952 catalog put out by Sears.  Prices had risen but not that much.  This was the time that I was just starting doing a lot of sewing for Sherry and me.  Hope you enjoyed these old ads.  (Click to enlarge)


Lee Prairie Designs said...

I remember these cataloges they would hold my attention for hours!

Thanks for sharing.


Pokey said...

Very happy memories, Carol. Growing up in a military household, 4 years in Japan, 4 years in Alaska, the catalog was our way to shop! When Larry and I lived in rural Nebraska, I had no problem ordering from them, either. Thank you for the share, you have me smiling...

Karen said...