Monday, May 16, 2011

Back Home Again

Here is the little quilt I made for my granddaughter who is expecting her first baby, a little boy, on my 83rd birthday this coming August.  I saw a picture of this quilt on line and was so taken with it - my husband worked for the Santa Fe Railroad for 41 years and had an HO train layout that grew to be quite large over the years. 
When our daughter was pregnant for Norah, Sherry gave her dad this little kit for "Grandma's House" for him to build and add to his layout.  As Norah got older, she and grandpa would be in the basement playing train

and he would let her throw switches and both of them enjoyed that time together so much.

Here she is at the end of the layout where there is a little town.  Ray loved building the buildings which were all kits.  The little church has a little graveyard with it and there was also a junkyard on the layout.   So you can see why I thought the little quilt was perfect. 

There was no pattern - I knew that it had come from a magazine called Baby Quilts by Fons and Porter but it was published a couple of years ago.  The train was simple pieces and I was able to draft up a pretty good pattern on my own that would have come really close.  However, at our recent quilt show while setting up for the bazaar (we all bring magazines, fabric, items we make, etc., and have a very successful bazaar!!) someone brought me this

I was meant to make this little quilt!  There were the pattern and instructions - for 25 cents which is what we charge for magazines.   How nice is that?

An engine on the rickrack track.
I thought the engines needed some smoke coming out of their smokestacks so I added that little feature.
Being kind of worried that the rickrack might curl with being laundered, I stitched on both sides of it with the invisible thread which I also used to go around all the faces, wheels, etc.  It was really fun to make. 
This weekend, my daughter and I flew to Kansas City for a shower for Norah hosted by Chad's mom and sisters.  Norah, Chad, Sherry and I all stayed with Bill and Ann.  It was a really fun weekend despite the fact that it turned really chilly.  Here is my granddaughter opening the little quilt - the picture itself is not in the best focus but you can still see that it has brought a smile to her  face.   (Click to enlarge)


lesthook said...

That quilt is just adorable !

Norah said...

And now tears to my eyes! A very special quilt indeed.

Love you!!!

Sextons said...

Hi Carol,

Congratulations on becoming a great grandma soon! I am so excited for Norah and for your entire family.

I absolutely adore Norah's quilt and know she and her baby are going to treasure it.

Lots of hugs,

Abby (Norah's friend from UofM)

Leslie said...

Oh the talks baby and mom will have about Grandpa and Grandma while snuggled together under the quilt. The teacher in me thinks Grandma better start looking for some very good story-picture books about trains for mom, dad and baby.

My youngest Gar had a train bedroom when he was young. There is so much cool stuff to put in a themed room. The boarder I hand painted with a passage from one of his favorite story books and he use to stand and read it every night before he would sleep.

Jewels said...

Lovely Post Carol! Glad your home safe. Sounds like Norah just loved it. J

Jenna said...

The quilt was beautiful! You did a wonderful job on it, you could tell that Norah will treasure that forever!! I was nice meeting you at the shower!! :)

Sherry said...

That quilt is as perfect as the new mama and her grandma are. I'm sure that Baby Bowerman will spend many happy hours playing on the trains! If only his great grandpa could be here to play trains with him....

Janet said...

I just love the quilt you made. It is so darn cute! My grandfather was a depot agent for years and years. Trains are special to me too. Congratulations on the new baby. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Lovely Post Carol, A very special work of art and a treasure for Baby Bowerman.

Congratulations on becoming a GG, soon!


Karen said...

So sweet!!!!!!!!!