Friday, May 27, 2011

Busy Day

My day wasn't what I thought it would be even though it wasn't all that bad.  Today was one of the three days that quilters gather to spend most of the day "sitting and sewing" but with lots of talking and laughing thrown in.  Decided not to go this time and spend the day getting my flowers planted.  I ran around most of the day on Tuesday finally getting my posies purchased.  Then it rained for a couple of days but none for today.  Pretty chilly, though, which I actually would rather work in than too much heat.  After lunch, I decided I needed some more plants, got in the car and got tothe end of the street--the car was acting weird.  Turned around, stopped in front of my house, got out, flat tire!  Oh, me o my - what's the next step.  Called the insurance fellow and I do have tow coverage.  Ended up, I rode in the towtruck to the garage where they found a nail in the tire.  It didn't take them long to fix it and I had them change the oil since I was there and it was overdue as usual.  So I would not have been able to go sit and sew today after all.  I did go out and get a few more flowers but it is really kind of chilly to finish this evening - supposed to be warmer tomorrow.   

As for the picture at the beginning of this post, I now have three of the blocks finished and you can see kind of how they will look together.   Will do some more fusing this weekend.  The blocks stitch up pretty quickly.
I also just did the buttonhole stitching on this block (block shown before stitching) and have two more to do and that group will be finished and ready to be put together with the sashing and borders.  Eventually things get finished. (Click to enlarge) 


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Hi Carol, Bummer of a day I am sure tomorrow will be a better one for you.

Your table topper posy quilt is turning out darling. I can't wait till you post about your finish. Love the prints and colors you are using.

Hope you have a good weekend and have fun planting your flowers.

Carolyn :)

Karen said...

Bummer about your tire! It turned chilly here too and the rain just keeps coming. Fabulous blocks Carol!

FeatherDuster said...

I love your flowers! (I love EVERYTHING you make :-) )

Donna~~ said...

Love your flowers (at the top) and how they meander across the different blocks. And great fabrics for the bottom block--fabulous the way you've used them!