Saturday, May 7, 2011

Favorite Illustrators

More illustrations I love - this time from Janet Laura Scott, who illustrated children's books.  She was born in 1919.  This is from a book called "The Turned Intos" by Elizabeth Gordon.  
Another beautiful example of her work.

How woderful it would be to be able to produce such beautiful paintings.  It is her work that I have at the top of my blog - I just love it.
Could not resist one more. (Click to enlarge)


Pokey said...

Her sweet, simple lines are very appealing, Carol. Being married to a graphic designer/illustrator, I've been drawn to the line art of different eras. My good teacher friend June, (now retired) is married to an artist also, and he came and drew characters for a Bible story in Chapel one day. I enjoyed watching his images come to life as I've watched my Larry do so many times, but the difference I saw was how his little cartoons reflected the time of his youth, like old Mickey Mouse people, while Larry's has more feel of a Dennis the Menace era, the 60's-70's being our pre-twenties years. Just an observation I'm sharing.
I hope your Mother's Day is a great one!
Hugs, pokey

Leslie said...

I hope that you have a great mothers day tomorrow. I just got home from 3 days of graduation events for Eric from Michigan State University. They did a very nice job recognizing him for his academic accomplishments. It will be a great Mothers Day tomorrrow for me to have them all home and relaxing.