Friday, May 20, 2011

First Block Fused

Have just finished cutting out enough stems and leaves and flowers and centers for sixteen little blocks that will make up a tabletopper.  My early days devoted to cutting out paper dolls have prepared me for the later years in my life when I fell in love with quilting and applique.  No centers show here, but each little flower will have one.  Now there will be a lot of time spent with the iron and ironing board fusing the blocks.  Then will come the fun of buttonhole stitching around all the pieces at my machine followed by the machine quilting.  So far I am thinking this will be very pretty on my dining room table.  (Click to enlarge)


Leslie said...

Elle and I just got home from Ann Arbor where she got a first place in a proam tournament. Then today in Detroit for more ice skating work outs with coaches. I thought that the traffic was just terrible. I too will need to quilt to calm my nerves. lol

I think that the civil war prints are just teriffic for your table topper. You have the best talent for picking fabrics that look just wonderfully together. Not many people could take that line of fabrics and choose such a pretty combination for that applique pattern. You are the best.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Your fabrics chosen for this project are delightful. I am in my later years too, Carol and at one time I played with paper dolls for hours!!! When our granddaughter where young I got out the paper dolls again and bought new ones so we could do play together! We had two sons and needless to say no paper dolls for them!!!!!

Guess this is why I love applique--- using the machine or needle turn.

Thanks for sharing your project looking forward to seeing it on your dining room table.

Carolyn :)

Miri said...

This is looking the fabrics you've chosen for this wonderful pattern.

Karen said...

A lovely tabletopper this will be Carol! LOVE the fabric.

Pokey said...

It WILL be a beauty on your table for sure. I do like the design your creating, Carol. I'm glad to see your trip went well. That train quilt (with the story behind on why you chose the train) is so sweet, It will be cherished!