Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Flowers are Planted

For Mother's Day, Sherry and Barclay came over and took out some spreading junipers I put along the edge of this small garden a few years ago.  The poor things were looking awful and grass would grow in them which was almost impossible to get rid of.   What a great Mother's Day gift!!  We also got some more red lava rock to cover the soil.  It looks so much nicer.  I have cut down on the number of pots I put out this year but there are still plenty.  Friday and Saturday I finally got them all planted.  Not as fast as I was, but I got the job done and still enjoy getting my hands dirty. 
I really like this one - it is really big and I filled it with some neat things.  There is a big piece of perennial grass for a back drop, some pretty lacy blue flowers, pink geranium, yellow daisies, dusty miller, pretty little petunias, and some limegreen trailing stuff that is so cool.  I think there is some sweet allysum, also.  It is bigger than it looks in this picture.  In the background there is a pot full of portulaca that the deer played with the other night.

 It should be very pretty when it grows more.  The flowers are double and it seems to bloom even when the sun isn't out.
The little Austrian pines I put in a couple of years ago are looking wonderful. Another pot and hanging basket along with the flamingo and a little black kettle also show up here.

The planter on the front stoop.   I am going to try and  find some gray fuzzy stuff to add to this.  It is tuberous begonias and New Guinea impatiens.  Hope the deer don't like the begonias!   Glad to have my flowers in.  I still have not found a mandevilla and will definitely get one if I can find it.  (Click to enlarge) 


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Beautiful thank you for sharing all your lovely pots. Love the moss rose!

Carolyn :)

leslie said...

Your flowers look just wonderful. We are still up north and I am able to get on line with a new thing called mifi hospot. Isn't that cool.

Karen said...

So pretty Carol. There is nothing like a little dirty on the hands. :)