Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pretty New Fabric

Stopped at Joanne's today to find a liner for a hanging basket that I bought several years ago.  Do you find it possible to go there or a local quilt shop for just a single item?  Of course not!   Naturally, I had to go over by the fabric to check out what has come or gone since my last visit which was actually some time ago.  By the cutting counter, I found a rack of very pretty fabric - on sale for $2.00 off per yard.  At $9.99 per yard, that is really not a huge bargain but the fabric was lovely and very soft and silky.  Some of it was a line I have been reading about in various blogs.  The fabric I picked out, however, was not the same line but I think it is so pretty and looks like it could go right along with a book by Piece'O Cake I sent for from Connecting Threads.   Yesterday I spent going to nurseries for flowers - planned on planting containers today, but it is raining.  Will share some of that with you later.  Found some pretty posies!   (Click to enlarge)


Lee Prairie Designs said...

All I need is another project Carol! Yours is soooooo tempting! Your fabrics are delightful and so is the book.

Thanks for sharing and have fun with this applique quilt.

Carolyn :)

Leslie said...

I bought geraniums on Monday and they told me not to plant until Wednesday due to cold temps. So off to Detroit today and then home to plant but I too found the rain. Oh well.

Karen said...

Lovely pattern and fabric Carol. I can tell already it is going to be a beauty!