Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Little Fur Family, etc.

Home Sweet Home!  This is the dwelling of  "The Little Fur Family" that was a very favorite book of my seven plus months pregnant oldest granddaughter, Norah.  The wallhanging I have been working on is now complete and ready to be on its way to Colorado to be hung in the nursery of the little fellow that is due on my birthday.

Some trees in the woods behind their home.  There is a brown thread hanging on the left tree that makes me want to pick it off - but, unless I wanted to reshoot the picture, that, of course is not doable.  My quilting is not the best, but I think it gets the idea across. 

Here's the little guy running past his front door.  I just drew the face on with the micron pens - not too good but not too bad.  The baby will love him, I am sure.

Here is Chad, the happy daddy, refinishing a rocker and with an antique dresser belonging to my husband's mother ready to be stained - both being part of the nursery where the baby will sleep and where the wallhanging will hang.

And here is Norah, our happy, pregnant mommy, and Lacey, the happy doggie, awaiting the arrival of a little fellow on or about August 21st. 

It will be here before we know it!  (Click to enlarge)


Jewels said...

Carol it turned out just lovely! J

Leslie said...

I agree with Julie, and the baby will just love it. How neat that the furniture is from family members of long ago. It will be a special room.

Norah said...

Love it!!! Can't wait to hang it on his wall!


Pokey said...

Oh, this is a job well done, Carol! The face looks great, and your fabric and quilting are perfect for the picture. Look at the precious Bear's face! What a great gramma you are, to deliver such a sweet from the heart gift.